Diana Rein - The Six String Siren

The Back Room

by Diana Rein

Released 2007
Rude Mood Records
Released 2007
Rude Mood Records
Diana Rein's music combines soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics with driving rock guitars and enduring melodies.
Growing up in Chicago, Diana spent her days singing the music of Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Sheryl Crow. Her Uncle was a drummer at a Chicago blues club which is where Diana had her first Chicago blues stage experience at the age of 8. But it wasn't until 2005, when Diana came across a DVD of Stevie Ray Vaughan that her live of guitar and songwriting came into play. She began teaching herself how to play and wrote songs as if music was a long lost friend. That snowballed into open mics, solo shows, playing with multiple bands and a solo album. In 2013 Diana enlisted the help of her mentor Kelly Richey to take her lead guitar playing to the ultimate level.

Diana's first album, The Back Room, features beautiful acoustic driven ballads like "Till You Came Along" and "Will Love Ever Last", as well as electric driven songs such as "So Sexy" and "Goodbye".

“Without a doubt, the star on Diana Rein’s album, The Back Room, is her evocative, lofty voice. Her delivery and range propel the bubbling opener, “You’ll Be Mine,” and lends grace and subtly to the title track.
– Patrick Conlan of Illinois Entertainer

Although Diana's biggest influence is blues/rock, you can also hear country, americana and reggae as influences in her recorded music or live adaptations of her songs. Her music is always melodic, her lyrics are insightful and engaging, with warm vocals and rockin' guitar solos.

Recorded at The Cave and Pulseblack Studios in Chicago, IL. Produced by Ted Wulfers, Mixed & Engineered by Van Christie and Ted Wulfers and Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering. Diana Rein on vocals, electric and acoustic guitar. Ted Wulfers on bass, keyboards, electric guitar, percussion and dobro. Jeff Kelly on drums.