Diana Rein - The Six String Siren

I couldn't do what I do as a one woman band without my Boomerang Looper. Which is why I am so honored to be the first artist signed by the new owner of Boomerang to their artist roster. I am super proud to be endorsed by a company whose product I love and count on to make my music. 




I am proud to be the first female guitarist to be endorsed by D&A Guitar Gear. They have the most reliable and sleek looking guitar stands around. 



I am thrilled to be the newest artist with J. Rockett Audio Designs. First female player too!! I bought the Archer pedal over a year ago and it hasn't left my board. In 2017, I added "The Dude" to my board and that one is a major keeper as well.  J. Rockett keeps quality at the top of their list and their pedals just sound so amazing....